Day 10: Class live chat!

Live chat today: 12:10-1:00

Today’s questions:

Q1 Tell us something you’ve discovered using Twitter over the last 10 days. Best hashtags? Favourite accounts? New way of working? People to talk to?

Q2 Have you had success in building followers? What worked in building a follower base? What else do you think you can try? h/t Katharina on this one

2017-02-17_08-06-58Q3 What frustrations or reservations do you have about using Twitter?

Q4 More broadly, have you come to see Twitter’s purpose or role differently in the last 10 days?

Q5 What questions do you still have about Twitter?

Housekeeping: After the class, we’ll tweet out a link for an evaluation form. We look forward to your feedback on #UofT10DoT!

We’ll also tweet out a link to the Storified version of the chat, once it’s ready.

Live chat Storified here.




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