For the duration of the course, a new blog entry will appear each day. Participants are expected to read the blog and complete the associated short assignment. Where useful, additional readings will be recommended.

Day One (Feb. 6, 2017, 12:10-1:00) – Social scholarship & setting up an account (this is an in-class session)

Day Two (Feb. 7) What to Tweet

Day Three (Feb. 8) Following other Tweeters – and getting followed yourself

Day Four (Feb. 9) – Retweeting and @messages/mentions

Day Five (Feb. 10) – Hashtags

Weekend off!

Day Six (Feb. 13) Advanced content – includes images, GIFs, live broadcasting, Twitter essays and more!

Day Seven (Feb. 14) Tweeting at conferences

Day Eight (Feb. 15) Apps for managing the conversation

Day Nine (Feb. 16)  Chatting & teaching

Day Ten (Feb. 17, 12:10-1:00) Class live chat


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